Soumya Seth Reveals How She Wanted To Commit Suicide, But Got Saved By Her Child

Actress Soumya Seth made her mark by working in TV serials like Chakravartin Ashoka Samrat. The actress has revealed how she struggled with suicidal thoughts when she was pregnant.

Tamil Actress Radha Accused Her Husband Of Sexual Harrasment

Radha has accused her husband of sexual harassment and has said that her husband abuses her physically and verbally.



Covid-19 Second Wave: Many Patients Are Showing These Symptoms

The symptoms of Covid-19 are becoming more symptomatic than ever as the symptoms are now clearly visible.

Create DIY Face Masks Using Flowers, 100% Natural & Safe To Use

You can prepare a face mask with some flowers that will improve your skin. Flowers not only contain fragrances but also contain vitamins and anti-oxidants.