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After Being Fired As Superman, Henry Cavill Can Join MCU

Henry Cavill has already disassociated himself from Superman and is on his way to taking other projects that are moving him away from DC Comics.

The last time has not been easy for Henry Cavill after it was confirmed that Warner Bros. fired him permanently and will no longer be Superman in the DC Expanded Universe. While fans supported him on social media under the hashtag “#HenryCavillSuperman”, the producer turned a deaf ear and is in no mood to listen.

Being one of the most popular Hollywood stars with a good background in the superhero world, it’s not a surprise that Kevin Feige and the Marvel Cinematic Universe have set eyes on him. In fact, many rumours began in January this year, where they claimed he was the top candidate to play Captain Britain.

After confirming that WB and DC were on the hunt for a new Superman, who will be an African-American performer, insider Daniel Richtman assured that he talked with Cavill and made him pick up the phone to call Marvel and accept the role of Captain Britain.

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Currently, he is busy shooting for the second season of The Witcher, a series streaming on Netflix, but have suffered various setbacks due to the Coronavirus pandemic. In addition, he has just announced that he was chosen for Highlander and will embark again on a fantasy project.

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