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Black Widow Will Have Two Post-Credit Scenes

Black Widow to have two post-credit scenes as per the news media personnel who saw the film before it's release.

Black Widow hits theatres and Disney+’s Premier Access only on July 9 but has already been screened for part of the American press, who have begun to publicize their first reactions about the heroine’s feature film.

After the preview, the audience began to question journalists about some doubts about the film. Brandon Davis of ComicBook revealed that Black Widow has two post-credit scenes.

See the tweet below,

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The reactions released praised the new production of Marvel Studios, and already indicate a trend that the film can be acclaimed by critics in general.

Here is what they have to say,

ComicBook: “Black Widow is one of Marvel’s best solo films. From start to finish, the movie is great. Excellent surprises, emotional moments of the character, violent action and Scarlett Johansson finally manages to put everything on paper. Principal Cate Shortland got it right. Bravo!”

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ScreenRant: “Black Widow shows exactly why Natasha Romanoff was the glue that kept the Avengers together. John Wick’s shadows, fight scenes and inventive action sequences, wrapped in a moving story about family and how the world treats girls. Excited to see Yelena Belova (Florence Pugh) carry the torch.”

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Fandango: “Marvel movies are back! Black Widow is a tense and action-packed spy thriller that really completes Natasha’s story in a visceral and emotional way. Florence Pugh smashes everything and is an instant icon of the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU). It’s like the MCU James Bond film with mission tones: Impossible.”

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