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Daniel Radcliffe Can Become Harry Potter Again, But With A Condition

Harry Potter starring Daniel Radcliffe already has seven films, but the actor has always said he doesn't want to be pigeonholed into a single character again. But the actor has now hinted at his possible return as Harry Potter.

If there is a saga of films that managed to remain in the collective memory over the years marking different generations, that was undoubtedly Harry Potter. The story of the world’s most famous magician starring Daniel Radcliffe, which also featured Emma Watson as his best friend, Hermione Granger and Rupert Grint as his heart brother, Ron Weasley.

However, it has been several years since Harry Potter came to an end and the trio of wizards moved on with their lives. Emma Watson has walked away from acting, at least for now. Grint made different films as did his great friend Daniel Radcliffe.

However, last year the name of the films they starred in and the lead actor, Radcliffe, were back on everyone’s lips and not exactly because of a cheerful situation. This is because, through social media, the British actor confronted the original writer of the story, J.K Rowling, who released a series of transphobic tweets that not even Daniel himself could stand.

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So much so that, as much as the former Harry Potter clarified that, between him and the one who changed his life forever, that is, J.K, there is mutual respect and there is still a nice relationship. It is that, according to what transpired, the performer would be considering returning to being the wizard of Hogwarts with one condition which is that Rowling should not present during the films. This is something that can put Warner Bros in a very tight situation and have to choose between its star or its creator.

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Even so, the production company should only analyze this situation in the event that they decide to capture the book Harry Potter and the Cursed Child on the big screen since only if the writer is not involved could they count on Daniel Radcliffe. However, neither Warner nor the two protagonists of the scandal confirmed or denied the news.

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