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Does Robert Pattinson Hate DC Movies Directed By Zack Snyder?

The actor who brings the Dark Knight to life in The Batman wouldn't like the movies directed by Zack Snyder for DC.

Robert Pattinson was chosen by Matt Reeves to play Bruce Wayne in his project The Batman. The film replaced the original film on which Ben Affleck would work as lead star and director. Many fans of the version of the hero featured in Batman v Superman and Justice League expressed their displeasure with the new direction DC gave the character, especially with the actor chosen for such an iconic role as Batman.

Robert Pattinson also showed his displeasure with the physical demands of the character that include a rigorous dose of exercises accompanied by a special diet. It was also leaked that there were frictions with director Matt Reeves that went so far as to make his protagonist repeat a scene forty times.

Zack Snyder directed three films within the DC Extended Universe: Man of Steel, Batman v Superman and Justice League. The latter was featured on the HBO Max platform after a controversy with Warner Bros. The filmmaker’s vision of the DCEU generated major divisions in the fandom and the hashtag #RestoreTheSnyderVerse calling for the director’s return to the brand to complete his work.

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As per a report posted on the Reddit site, Robert Pattinson would “hate” the films Zack Snyder directed for DC. Some speculate and say that what Pattinson wouldn’t really like would be to replace Affleck in his role within the SnyderVerse.

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Meanwhile, Robert Pattinson would have signed a major contract to impersonating Batman in the universe posed by Reeves, which will show the beginning of the hero’s career, as well as that of his villains.

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