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Fans Worried About Sebastian Stan After His “Depressed” Interview

Sebastian Stan, known worldwide for his role as Bucky Barnes in Marvel created a lot of concern around the world for his discouragement in an interview.

With Marvel’s phase four in full swing, many of the characters in the franchise ceased to have a secondary place to become the main protagonists of different productions and, one of them is Sebastian Stan

The actor, who played Bucky Barnes in the Captain America films is now one of the protagonists of the new hit, The Falcon and the Winter Soldier.

Along with Anthony Mackie as Falcon, Sebastian Stan starred in this miniseries released by Disney Plus and, therefore, his name was back on everyone’s lips. But now that Marvel’s production is over, the actor has new projects underway, such as Pam & Tommy in which he will act with Lily James bringing Tommy Lee to life while she will be playing Pamela Anderson.

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However, despite the professional success he is having, in the last few hours Stan greatly worried his fans. It is that, during an interview along with the Marvel’s cast, the actor was asked about how he carries the change of life after The Winter Soldier and, very discouraged, he replied: “I’m just still trying to have some life, I guess, without anyone commenting on it”.

This attitude of Sebastian, who always tends to show a playful and smiling spirit was what caught the attention of his followers. But, there’s a possible explanation: his lack of happiness came just days after the actor was again branded a racist on social media and, just as in late May, the hashtag #RipSebastiánStan re-emerged.

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According to some network users, Sebastian Stan “liked” an Instagram post in which a man demanded that whites be able to use the word “black” in a derogatory way. And, therefore, the faithful of the interpreter begged that “this toxic behaviour” of the so-called “haters” be stopped so as not to continue doing him wrong.

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