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Godzilla VS Kong Trailer Is Out, The Epic Clash Between The Two Titans Is Now On

Warner Bros Pictures has dropped the trailer of Godzilla VS Kong on Sunday. After getting many requests from the fans for the trailer, Warner Bros decided to release the trailer before its theatrical and HBO Max release. The movie was supposed to release in the fall of 2021 as per HBO’s calendar. However, due to clashing of multiple dates, the makers decided to release the movie three months earlier.

As the trailer begins, we see that Godzilla has turned against humanity and has started attacking them. To stop the mad lizard, humans decided to bring Kong to fight the mad titan. Kong is now full-grown and is now about the same size to that of Godzilla. As Kong gets transported in a ship, Godzilla attacks them and starts wreaking havoc. We see some epic fight scenes like one where Godzilla destroys a helicopter with his tail, or when Kong looks at the water and roars at Godzilla.

Kong even managed to land a punch on the King of all Titans and pushed him into the water. The next epic fight takes place in Tokyo which seems to be the final fight between the two titans. In the trailer, no reason was given as to why Godzilla is acting like this which further heightens the suspense.

Overall, the trailer was worth waiting for and it seems the movie is going to be epic. As of now, Godzilla VS Kong will start releasing worldwide from March 25, 2021, in theatres as well as on HBO Max.

Godzilla VS Kong cast includes Millie Bobby Brown, Julian Dennison, Alexander Skarsgård, Kyle Chandler, Eiza González, Rebecca Hall, Zhang Ziyi, Brian Tyree Henry and Jessica Henwick.

Godzilla VS Kong Trailer

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