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How Martian Manhunter Played A Major Role In Jack Snyder’s Justice League

If it wasn't for Martian Manhunter, Superman may never have been able to regain his memories in Zack Snyder's Justice League.

Zack Snyder’s Justice League is undoubtedly one of the best DC movies that a fan can ask for. Zack Snyder’s version of Justice League has made a whole new set of possibilities for new characters, new arc and new storylines.

In Snyder cut Justice League, the fans were introduced to Martian Manhunter who was missing in the original version. The hero only has a handful of scenes in the movie.

Despite being a superhero, Martian Manhunter choose not to fight with the Justice League to stop Steppenwolf. The hero is also aware of Darkseid and his plans to get the Anti-Life equation.

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Even though the Martian Manhunter did not fight with the other, he did play a very important role in the film. In the end of the Snyder cut, he opens up to Batman that they inspired him to protect Earth too.

Martian Manhunter had two major scenes in the film. One was with Batman and the other one was with Lois Lane. he was posing as Martha Kent to check on Lois who was still mourning the death of Superman.

It was Martian Manhunter who convinced Lois to start living again and move on. Due to this only Lois was available during Superman’s ressurection to help him recover his memories.

If Lois wasn’t there during the resurection of Superman, then he may never got his memories back. It was Lois who helped Superman remember who he is.If this never happened, then Superman may have killed some or all the members of Justice League.

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Thus, even if Martian Manhunter never joined the fight to stop Steppenwolf, he played a key role by convincing Lois to leave her apartment.

In the upcoming Jack Snyder’s Justice League films, we may get to see more of Martian Manhunter. He may even join the Justice League in their upcoming fight against Darkseid.

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