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Did You Know Salman Khan Once Asked For Rs 7000 From His Bodyguard, See Why

In a recent interview, Salman Khan's bodyguard Jaggi revealed the time when the actor asked for money from his. Read the article to know why.

Bollywood actor Salman Khan is one of the biggest superstars in the country today. Salman Khan has also helped many people in Bollywood, but never took credit for it. He said that helping is the greatest religion of man which every human being must do. Salman Khan’s bodyguard Jaggi has now narrated an incident that took place in Nagpur.

Salman Khan has 2 bodyguards, one is Shera, which everyone knows very well and another one is Jaggi. Jaggi’s full name is Jagraj Ghooman. Salman Khan also calls him Jags.

Jaggi recently gave a special interview to Viral Bollywood in which he narrated several stories related to Salman Khan. Jaggi has revealed in her interview that he has never seen a man bigger than Salman Khan.

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Jaggi explains that he wanted to work in Hindi films where Salman Khan also gave him a role in his film ‘Wanted’. He says working with Salman Khan is like a dream come true.

Jaggi revealed in his interview that he once went to Nagpur with Salman Khan to promote a film. Jaggi said, “I was in the car with Salman sir during that time,” he says.

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“Our car stopped at a signal, the signal was 2 minutes. At the same time, an electric rickshaw came to a halt next to our car. It was very hot in Nagpur during that time. AC car looked too hot. The driver of that rickshaw was completely soaked in sweat. As soon as Salman sir saw his plight, he asked me how much cash did you have? I remember 7,000 rupees lying in my pocket during that time. Salman sir immediately took the money from me and opened the glass of the car and gave it to the man. They didn’t even show his face to him and by then the signal had opened and we left. Salman sir helps many people, this is his way of life”, Jaggi further added.

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