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Isabel Kaif Talks About Her Bollywood Debut & How She Is Improving Her Hindi

Isabelle Kaif Talks About Her Bollywood Debut & How She Is Improving Herself to Follow The Footstep of Her Sister, Katrina Kaif.

Katrina Kaif is one of the top actresses in the Bollywood industry who has made a name for herself. Even though Salman Khan was the one who helped her enter Bollywood, it was Katrina herself who made her way forward.

Now, her sister Isabelle is also on her way to stardom in Bollywood. In a recent interview, the actress has revealed that she is working on her Hindi.

When Bollywood actress Katrina Kaif started her career in the industry, many believed that her career would not last long. The actress did not know how to speak properly in Hindi and was even facing difficulty communicating with others.

But the actress never gave up on herself and did a lot of hard work to improve herself. Not only did she corrected her Hindi, but also adapted herself to the Indian culture. There is no doubt that Katrina Kaif is one of the top actresses in Bollywood as of now.

Katrina Kaif’s sister Isabelle is now on her way to Bollywood and has to work very hard to make her place in the industry. First of all, she has to overcome a barrier that Katrina too had to cross. In a recent interview with The Times of India, the actress said, “I have been trying to learn this language for some time now. I’m learning it properly. Now, obviously, it takes a good amount of time to learn any language properly. I’ll just have to strengthen my command of Hindi. I’m feeling better than ever. I hope I’ll complete my target of learning Hindi properly soon.”

During a recent interview with Bombay Times, Isabelle talked about sister Katrina and said, “I am, of course, very impressed with her. I always have been a dancer since childhood. And whenever I see her acting, I always feel like expanding my skills further. She was the reason I started doing acting. That’s how I developed my passion for acting. I have the skills to perform since childhood. Watching Katrina perform always fills me with hope and inspires me to do a good job.”

Katrina Kaif started her career with Boom film. Isabel, on the other hand, Isabelle will make her debut with the film Time to Dance, opposite Sooraj Pancholi.

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