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Salman Khan Marriage With Somy Ali Could Have Turned True If Not For This Mistake

Salman Khan and Somy Ali turned many heads as they came in a relationship back in the 90s. Salman Khan was all over the news for dating a Pakistani born actress, Somy Ali.

Somy Ali and Salman Khan stayed together for eight years and got separated in 1999. The Pakistani actress confesses that she did not enter Bollywood to become an actress but to be with Salman Khan.

Somy said, “My journey started, fortunately. When I came to Mumbai, I was a teenager and I still wonder how I made 10 films with big stars, while I had no intention of making my career in acting. I would just say that at that time I was very naïve, easily in the words of the people, the childish was inside me. When someone talked about being loyal to me, I would easily get into his bluff.”

Somy further spoke of the mistakes she made during her time in Bollywood and why she left India in 1999. She added, “I have made many mistakes in search of true love, which I have never received. The good thing is that I have no regrets because I’ve made things look like, no matter what the result, and I was never bothered about any label. I was bold, but naïve too. I was sensible, but still, put myself in a situation that was childish. In all, my journey from 16 to 24 years has been full of lively, somewhat painful, all-high. I ended my relationship in December 1999, for which I went to India.”

Currently, her martial status is unknown and there is no information about Somy Ali husband.

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