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Image Shows Steve Rogers Being Interrogated By AVT

An artist created art where the former Captain America appears, aged, being interrogated by Mobius at AVT's headquarter.

MCU’s new disney+ series, Loki, has yet to assimilate all the revelations that the show’s premiere featured about the Timeline. In the first episode, Loki showed that everything that happened during the time travel made by the Avengers, only happened because the Time Variance Authority (AVT) allowed it.

With the exception of it is clear from the time travel of Loki himself, who created the variant captured by AVT. The point is that fans were left wondering if the organization also would not have interfered in the time travel of Steve Rogers, who upon returning to return the Infinity Stones, ended up staying with his love, Peggy Carter.

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Faced with this doubt, an artist created art where the former Captain America appears, aged, being interrogated by Mobius at AVT’s headquarter.

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Although it is more plausible that Steve Rogers was young when he went t return the Infinity Stones, it is quite interesting to see the possibility of the organization having captured the former Captain America to give clarification.

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The subject of AVT having interfered in the time travel of Steve Rogers came to be questioned to the show’s screenwriter, Michael Waldron, but he gave a good role in his response.

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