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Loki’s Villain Revelation Proves MCU Fan’s Theory As Correct

There was no shortage of fan theories for Loki, especially about which characters some actors might come to play. One such theory by a fan has been proved correct in the second episode of Loki.

All marvel films generate various fan theories from the moment a project is announced. As soon as news about the characters and cast begins to appear, audiences engage in finding out which stories will be told and what twists can expect. The same was the case for the new Disney Plus series, Loki.

There was no shortage of fan theories for Loki, especially about which characters some actors might come to play. Now that episode two of the series, The Variant, has been released and revealed the Loki’s villain that the TVA (Time Variation Authority) is pursuing, one of the public’s main suspicions has been proven correct.

The Variant shows from the beginning that there are numerous copies of Loki and not two alike. However, there’s really only one that TVA is especially interested in and is the one that’s killing hunters and stealing the reboot charges.

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By the end of the episode, Loki (Tom Hiddleston) found that this villain is hiding in apocalyptic events since they are a kind of loophole throughout the timeline’s “security” system. Soon, the God of Mischief and the agency head to a “class ten apocalyptic event” in 2050 – a Roxxcart where people are protected from a huge hurricane to find the variant.

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Loki is the one who finds this copy, who is delighting several humans to talk to him while laying out his master plan that ends up bombing the Holy Timeline. However, before leaving for another point in time, the real Villain Loki reveals himself and is in fact Lady Loki, played by Sophia Di Martino.

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Di Martino was cast in the series in November 2019 for an unknown role. Almost immediately after that, fans began speculating that she might be playing Loki’s version of the opposite genre of Hiddleston’s character. However, there was also the possibility that she was occupying the role of the Sorceress.

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