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Sam Heughan Fans Scammed By A Man Who Impersonated Him

Sam Heughan is one of the best-known personalities in show business after his time at Outlander. Sadly, his fans were scammed by an imposter who asked for money from them.

With his starring role in Outlander playing Jamie Fraser, Sam Heughan became one of the stars of the moment. Although his success increased when the series based on the books of Diana Gabaldón was added to the Netflix catalogue, which made his name known globally and, today, the actor is one of the most sought after by the industry for different roles.

But, this furore that Outlander became also caused Sam Heughan to get more fan following. His biggest growth was on Instagram as its followers increased by 80% since the show was shared on the streaming platform. In his role as Jamie, the actor plays a Scottish man who combines tenderness, love and devotion to his wife with his personality as a war leader who always seeks the well-being of his clan.

So much so that, these qualities of the character crossed the screen and, now, Heughan is seen as one of the most beloved and respected men in the industry. However, there is a person who abused the fanaticism it generates and impersonated it, thus defrauding thousands of fans, who believed that it was the real actor who asked them for money for different purposes.

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As it transpired in several media both Scottish and English, one of the followers who gave her testimony claimed that she was tricked into investing 34,000 pounds in the brand of whisky Sassenach Spirits that if it has the name of Heughan. On the other hand, Daily Record also published the case of a follower named Stephanie, who admitted to having delivered 36,500 pounds.

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Also, from what the aforementioned newspaper published, Stephanie also argued that this phoney made her believe that she had been in a relationship with the actor since 2018 and, in addition to the £36,500, she lost another £7000 for the delivery of a gift that never came. “He said it was a surprise and that he had put a lot of cash in. The next thing I knew was that I was getting emails from a transport company that appeared to be in Scotland,” were her exact words.

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And, this was the worst deception suffered by this 56-year-old woman because, according to what she said “the package arrived in Glasgow, but ended up in Brazil” and, therefore, she had to pay something to move it, but then ended up in Georgia and they asked for more money to send it. So much so that the alleged transport company gave her a false fine of the £7000 already mentioned.

Apparently, this man who took advantage of Sam Heughan’s fans began to contact them after conducting a fake contest where the contestants allegedly won a date with the actor. And, when this news became known, the real Scot apologised and made it clear that, for him, abuse on social media “is a problem”.

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