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Sam Heughan Was About To Lose His Role Of Jamie Fraser In Outlander

Sam Heughan won thousands of hearts with his role as Jamie Fraser in Outlander,but he still had a hard time being cast in the lead. See why.

In recent years, Netflix has made a catalogue of historical series mixing fantasy with drama and ancient times and, among all, Outlander is one of the most-watched.

With five seasons already available on the platform, the show is based on the books by Diana Gabaldón has just finished filming the sixth edition and, after a short break for the actors, they will begin with the production of the seventh.

And, as well as the first six, the new season of Outlander will also feature Caitriona Balfe as Claire Fraser and Sam Heughan as Jamie Fraser. The actors, who catapulted themselves to international fame for their starring characters in this show, continue to enchant both insiders and outsiders with their love story that made it to Starz Play in 2014 and continues to be just as applaudable as the first time.

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However, despite the many compliments that both Balfe and Heughan receive every day, there was a time when one of them did not have a good time and, it is, none other than the Scottish actor. As it turns out, as much as his performance in the fictional drama is memorable, he was on the verge of being left out of the cast for a somewhat unexpected reason: his hair and his poor filmography.

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Being a series based on the books of Diana Gabaldón, the production of Outlander gave a lot of participation to the writer and, in fact, it was she who chose a large part of the actors who would play her characters. It is that being the original creator of each of them, she not only knows better than anyone the essence that they must capture on screen but also the characteristics of each one.

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When she found out that, four days after starting to look for the iconic Jamie, the producers had already found the right one, she was totally surprised. But, according to what she herself said just a few weeks ago, she was traveling when she was going to be sent Heughan’s video audition and so she decided to Google it.

They said they were going to send me the audition tapes, but I was travelling, so I googled it. At that point he had little film work and only a series of strange still photos: his IMDB page was strange”, were HER exact words to which SHE later added: “He’s a magnetic, charming young man, and a very chameleonic actor, but he’s different, physically in every respect and one of them is that he’s blonde.

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