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The Mandalorian Star Gina Carano Speaks About Her Polarizing Social Media Presence

The Mandalorian series became one of the most popular show in a very short period of time. The show made its first debut in fall 2019 and ever since then has garnered a huge amount of fan following. The Mandalorian show is another worthy addition to the Star Wars arsenal, which also gave many actors a path to shine. Gina Carano is one such actor who became very popular for playing the role of former rebel shock trooper Cara Dune.

Ever since she made an appearance on the show, her social media following count has been growing exponentially. However, Gina feels that her social media presence is somewhat polarizing at times. Gina used to share a lot of posts on her social media platform, including the posts related to The Mandalorian. However, some of her posts are getting backlash from fans for sharing societal-based posts. Regarding the same, Gina Carano said,

“I’m going to stick around and if my presence bothers you, OK, but also a lot of people are not bothered by my Twitter presence or my social media presence. So I focus more on those people. I bring the fire out in people. I’m not sure why.”

Some posts even led to trends like #FireGinaCarano & #StandWithGinaCarano on Twitter. Social media is a very complex, yet powerful tool that can make you a star overnight and may also lead to a downfall in no time. Being a celebrity is not an easy task as there will always be haters, no matter how good you are. Gina Carano understands this and it seems she chooses to focus her attention on the positive response she gets.

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