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Who Is Ben Barnes, The Protagonist Of Shadow And Bone?

Only a few Netflix series are out of the ordinary and, besides Lucifer, Shadow and Bone is one of them. Ben Barnes is the protagonist in the series who is all set to return in the second season.

Only a few Netflix series are out of the ordinary and, besides LuciferShadow and Bonis one of them. The name doesn’t say much anymore, it only indicates mystery, drama and probably action that is just everything that encompasses the same strip.

With only one season of eight episodes, the fiction based on the saga of books by Leigh Bardugo got 55 million views in its first edition which made Netflix renew it for a second season.

It was on June 7 when, through Twitter, Netflix announced the new edition. In a funny video, where all the protagonists of Shadow and Bone appear, the motto was to invoke the smile of Ben Barnes to be able to officially communicate that the story of Alina Starkov, the orphaned cardboard that became the country’s hope to bring down the dreaded shadow, still has a long way to go.

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It is still unknown when the filming of the next part will begin and what the estimated release date is, but there is still one detail that was known: the original cast will be complete. So much so that, in addition to telling Jessie Mei Li as Alina, Archie Renaux as Maylen, the friend of the protagonist, also Ben Barnes will return to his dreaded role of General Kirigan, better known as the Dark and the creator of the Shadow.

Born on August 20, 1981, in London, England, Barnes was known to many thanks to his current role, but for those who do not remember his face, he was also part of The Chronicles of Narnia where he played Prince Caspian. 

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In fact, this character was the one who catapulted him to international fame and, although he later did not find another successful production worldwide, his arrival in Shadow and Bone put him back in the spotlight.

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The son of therapist Patricia Becker and professor of psychiatry Thomas Barnes, Benjamin, as he was originally called, studied English, Acting and Physiology at Kingston University long before starting his career in films. Apart from acting, he was also part of the musical group Hyrise, a pop group where he was the lead vocals.

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However, his life was always linked to acting as he made his debut in theatre at the age of 15, although he barely had the opportunity, he switched to film and television. There are many interpretations that exist in his curriculum, but in addition to his characters from Shadow and Bone and The Chronicles of Narnia, the most outstanding is The Portrait of Dorian Grey, an adaptation of the novel by Oscar Wilde where he was the protagonist in 2009 and also, in 2019 he starred in the series The Fortune Hunter with Julia Ormond as co-star.

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