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Why The Infinity Stones Do Not Work In Loki Series?

In the first episode of Loki series, it is shown that the Infinity stones are useless in TVA and do not hold any power. But why is that?

Recently, Loki dropped a small bomb on the fans of MCU, revealing that the infinity stones are not as rare as the Avengers and Thanos himself thought.

Many fans were shocked to learn that there was a lot of infinity stones just lying around, abandoned in a drawer of TVA (Temporal Variance Authority). For the very same stones, the Avengers had to make a lot of sacrifices to recover the jewels from different timelines.

Still poring over what should be the most powerful objects in the universe, Loki’s episode went further and revealed that the stones of infinity do not work on TVA. However, a question stayed in the air and not directly answered, why does this happen?

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Like many MCU characters, events, and stories, the jewels of infinity are based on Marvel Comics, and their properties and powers have undergone major changes during comic books.

Over the past decade, the new comics have emphasized that jewels can only exercise their power in the universe in which they were created and that when transported to other realities, they have lost their cosmic properties.

Avengers: Ultimatum seems to follow this same logic, so much so that the Elder one had already given clues about the impotence of jewels to the Hulk when she said that the Infinity stones create what you experience as the flow of Time.

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That is, the jewels are linked to the origin of reality in its original dimension and, if removed, to another universe, they would lose their power to the jewels that gave rise to the cosmic events and reality of that universe.

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It is also worth stating that, although not revealed directly in the series, TVA seems to be out of the temporal flow, and some immune to any jewel of infinity, and may not even have the original objects in its dimension.

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Returning to Loki’s revelation, the subject sets a major precedent for the MCU and puts in check much of the theories that support the time travel, made by the Avengers, in the latest Saga film.

This is because much of the theories claim that the Infinity stones recovered by the Avengers were actually taken from other timelines. If that were the case, they should have asked for their power when the heroes returned to the original reality.

The TVA were already aware of the time travel is done by the Avengers and apparently approved them and choose not to interfere.

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